May 14, 2019

To My First Born on Her 7th Birthday

Lianna Marie- 7 Years Old

You can sum up my feelings today with the song “There goes my life” by Kenny Chesney.

My girl is 7. SHE’S 7!!! 😭

You know it’s funny they say that you usually have a daughter who is just like you. Couldn’t be more true for Lianna. She’s sassy, testy, and demanding just like her Mama was.

But she’s also the kindest soul I’ve ever known. She receives the “Motherly” role in school every year. She’s the first one to approach a child who’s fallen on the playground.

.When I have a hard day, she sits down at her desk right away and makes me the sweetest “feel better” card. She’s got the drive of someone who is really going to be something someday and I’m the luckiest Mom to watch her grow into the incredible human being she is.

To the girl who saved me from myself- Happy Birthday. I love you more than life ❤

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