November 23, 2018

To my Mini Me on Your 2nd Birthday

Elijah! We can’t believe you’re two. Your second birthday is making us realize just how fast two years goes by and how easy it is to let time go by.

We love who you are at this stage. You’re spunky and sweet. You love spending time with your siblings and cuddling with Daddy & I on the couch.

In your second year you became a big brother. We were skeptical as to how you’d react. This is a big deal- especially when you’re still a baby yourself. But you blew us away with your kind, gentle way with your baby sister. The way you pet her and love on her is just the sweetest thing!!

Our biggest wishes for you this year is to stay kind and to keep being the amazingly sweet child you are! We love you so much and are so happy to have you as our son. You are the best thing I never thought I needed in my life. We are so grateful for you. Happiest of Birthdays to our sweet Eli!

A Few of your Favorites in your 2nd Year:

TV: Coco, Moana, Boss Baby..and repeat!

Food: Oranges & Yogurt

Things to do: Play at the park and cuddle on the couch

Music: Anything from Moana, Like Home

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