the story of:

katie & floyd

It began with a coldplay song

we knew we wanted more

He was 22 years old working as a manager at Burger King trying to support himself and his one year old son.  In walks a nervous little blonde haired 16 year old for her very first interview.  She'll never forget the butterflies she instantly felt when he walked out and introduced himself as "the manager".  Sparks flew instantly and the two spent the summer falling in love to Coldplay. Very soon after they found out they were having a baby girl. 

We knew right away that a burger king paycheck would not supply the life we wanted to give our new baby. We wanted to start our own business and live stress free. We didn't want to wake up, drop our baby girl off every day at day care and pick her up when it was almost time for bed. Paying a daycare to raise our child while we slave away at a job was not our cup of tea. So we decided to start a photography business. We every dollar we had, we purchased a camera and created a facebook page.

Things were'nt easy for us

what we didn't know

We thought that running a business was as simple as making a post on facebook and the clients would roll in. But it wasn’t like that at all.
People weren’t booking. And the people who were- wanted a discount, wanted a refund, couldn’t afford to pay us after the work was done. Oh and the  inquiries? Many many crickets. (Talk about depressing)
Our hopes & dreams were draining as fast as our pockets. 
Could we ever make this dream work?  

We struggled for years to make things work. So many nights were spent sitting in our car crying until we couldn't cry anymore. We didn't understand. We were GOOD people. Why didn't our bank account reflect that? 

We thought we needed to be blogging, posting, networking, building connections, furthering our skill, attending masterminds & conferences, building an email list, learning about google ad words, trying to figure out seo. You name it, we've tried it. And let’s not even talk about how many times we redesigned our website & changed our pricing because FOR SURE that’s why people aren’t booking.


All we really needed was a system to not only bring in leads but to make them see that we were PERFECT for them. Once we mastered this: GAME OVER.

Leads were coming in DAILY.
Client payment notifications weekly.
Our lives changed month by month.
Scaling, growing, living our dream.

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you are worth it


you are worth a life that allows you to do whatever you want 

you are worth a 100k+ salary while working in your pajamas.
you are worth top of the line pricing.
your time is valuable.

you matter.

you can do it.

let us show you how. 


A few of our favorites

Family Beach Adventures

We keep family moments at the center of our focus.  Give us a sunny day with warm sand and we're in heaven!  Every free weekend or day off, we are planning our next beach adventure! 

A few of our favorites

Outdoor Play 
& Snuggles

Having so many children, there is a lot of energy circling through our home. We love going outside and letting them run it off while always joining in for a hug at the end. Even if someone is currently pulling someone else's hair ;)