I’m Katie! Mom of Four, educator, And full time photographer along side my husband Floyd.

Chances are if you’ve found yourself on this page, you’re probably feeling stuck when it comes to booking clients. Maybe marketing isn’t your strong point and you’d much rather be out shooting some jaw-dropping couples! The good news is, I eat, sleep and breathe marketing for photographers after I discovered how to book my calendar full with online marketing. These videos are designed to give you quick wins that you can implement into your business right away. Our mission is simple:

Unscripted, real life advice for the success driven photographer who needs more income + time for the ones they love.
Stick around! It’s going to be so good! 

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The Story of Us 

Let's take it back to 2011. Back to BK visors and headsets. A name tag with stickers you'd earn for good behavior. It something similar to that of what they do in Girl Scouts. Although it's been 8 years, when I close my eyes I can still smell the grease and broiler exhaust. I can also remember the pain and agony being at the bottom of the totem poll. Our passions were very different from our reality. Something sparked inside of us to take the first step to chase our dreams.

Fast forward 8 years, we have four beautiful kids, and together run a thriving, successful photography & film business. We believe that the first step to your dream life is deciding you can. We're here to help you create your very own 6 figure+ empire and get your freedom of life back. 

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