December 31, 2018

Joynes 2018 Christmas Recap

Our very first Christmas as a family of 6.
SIX! Holy moly.
It’s also the first year we decided to something wild and unthinkable. We cut. up. our. CREDIT CARDS! (Who would do something like that at Christmas time?!)
We are the type of people who aren’t afraid to dive head first into something we know is going to pay off. We’re risk takers for sure.

You’re probably wondering why on Earth we’d do something like this. Here’s why:

Last year we had a fantastic Christmas. There were gifts, and cookie baking, and gingerbread house making, and gifts, and tree decorating, and gifts, gifts and more gifts. But we were doing it wrong. We were charging the majority on this on credit cards. It’s what we’ve always been taught, right?
But then, when we were ready to pack up all the Christmas stuff and move on to winter festivities, we were stuck in debt. We spent the entire winter and into spring, paying off Christmas. The biggest realization from this was:

Christmas is about giving to those you love, showing them you care, but it should NEVER put you into debt.

You’re giving what you don’t currently have right? I think as humans and millennials we have a hard time with this because we want to give with an open heart and nice things aren’t cheap. But we also have this need to please people and measure up to the expectations of those around us. How many posts have you seen on Christmas Eve with a caption “Santa has arrived” It’s usually paired with a Christmas tree with an overwhelming amount of presents underneath. Our inner competitor feels like we need to measure up or even worse out-do them.

The amazing thing is when Floyd and I sat down and decided we were going to go into debt over Christmas, we ended being able to everything we did last year, with cash.

We planned ahead and saved little chunks of money here and there. We set a total budget for what was ideal for us at this time. We watched for sales for the things the kids wanted and we got creative.

It was one of the MOST phenomenal feelings to sit in our living room watching the kids rip open their presents with utmost joy and we weren’t going to receive a huge bill in a month. As a result we’re able to give to our kids throughout the winter and not restrict our spending due to credit card debt.

My hope for sharing this personal post with all of you is to inspire you to think about doing the same for next year. This can also work for birthday parties. It is the most rewarding feeling!

We had such an amazing Christmas this year and we hope you did too!!

Thanks for following along in our journey!

Happy Holidays!




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