October 19, 2018

Glen Mills Fairy Tale Wedding | Jess + Mark

“I love your eyes, and the way they see me.” Jessica and Mark had one of the most heartfelt ceremonies we’ve ever witnessed. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room.

We put time and passion into getting to know each and every one of our couples so that by the time it’s their wedding day, we’re like best friends. But it’s such a surreal moment when you photograph a wedding for someone you’ve known all your life. Our moms were best friends so Jess and I go back to the diaper days.

A little backstory to how Jess & Mark met.. have tissues ready!

From Jessica’s eyes: “In 11th grade I auditioned for “Little Women,” and read way too fast. I was mortified because Mark Griffith was standing there and he was so hot (And still is!)
“12 years ago, I dressed up at post prom with one of my closest friends. I laughed my ass off all night, and didn’t want it to end because it was perfect, but in reality we weren’t ready yet. I don’t know if Mark Griffith and I would have made it if we professed our love then, I think we needed to experience heartache and pain and understand ourselves completely so we could truly be the best partners to one another, and to realize the moment we were reunited, “true love is not the kind of thing you should turn down”

From Mark’s eyes: “14 months ago today was the day I decided enough was enough. I remember a year ago today when I got 60 days. See the first 30 was different, I hadn’t come home yet. The next 30 were so so as well, I’d moved home but didn’t quite feel like I belonged here. On this day though, it felt different. Just that week I’d reconnected with someone who I knew lifetimes ago. This person had welcomed me into her little world and if you asked me then if I already knew what was coming I’d like to say yes but the reality is beyond even my wildest dreams. This girl and her little dog told me that I’m not a monster. Taught me how to forgive myself. Showed me that I’m deserving of love and every good thing that comes with it”

I’m not crying, you’re crying…

Jess & Mark
Thank you so much for choosing us to be there for your wedding day. It was one of the most special weddings we’ve ever documented because we got to witness a special love story become a fairy tale. I am beyond excited to see all the amazing things you two do together and the beautiful babies you make! Here’s to the two of you! May you always love one another just as you did on this day. I hope that you always look back on these memories and never forget the butterflies you felt. We believe you only get one true love and we incredibly honored to have witnessed another true love story. We love you both so much and can’t wait for what’s ahead!!! Our cameras and tissues will be ready!

Katie & Floyd

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