December 30, 2018

Fall Longwood Gardens Engagement Session | Andrea + Adam

701. Such a significant number in Andrea’s life. So significant that she’s arranged her wedding to be 7-01-20. A WEDNESDAY! She’s going to be our first official wedding on a Wednesday! Man, I had a blast working with these two. My belly was the size of Jupiter and I sounded like I ran a marathon while standing still but these guys didn’t say a word. They were so understanding and accommodating to my large physique!


They chose Longwood Gardens for a half outside, half conservatory feel. (Best of both worlds!) We were hoping for more fall-ness (I mean it was the very end of October) but instead we got mostly green. Paying attention to their desire for some fall foliage I was able to find one lonely yellow tree (GORGEOUS) and we rocked out with that!


Andrea & Adam

Thank you so much for allowing us to be apart of your engagement. I am so thrilled to have met you two and can’t be MORE excited to shoot your Wednesday wedding! (What a treat in the middle of the week!!!) I can’t wait to see the look on Adam’s face when you come down the aisle, Andrea! I just love you guys already!!!


Katie & Floyd

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