March 20, 2018

3 Reasons A “First Look” is a Must on Your Wedding Day.

Today I’m talking about that thing. You know, that thing you get asked about when planning your wedding but you don’t really know what it is or it’s benefits. By the time you’re done reading this you, will not only know what they are but you might be thinking you absolutely need it for your wedding!

There are 3 key reasons why First Looks are a must for your special day.

Reason number 1– A crying groom makes everyone melt.

Okay so you’re probably thinking and having dreams about what your groom’s reaction will be when he sees you the first time. I am guessing you are hoping he will cry. (Who doesn’t want that?!) The unfortunate reality is men only cry in front of 150+ people 30% of the time. It’s a fact that when boys get nervous, they just shut down. Imagine the stress level of a groom who has no idea what his bride looks like, but has hundreds of people watching him with cellphones and cameras pointed at him waiting for a reaction.
Now, imagine his reaction when it’s just YOU and HIM. (Minus the photo & video parazzi in the background) Almost every groom who meets his bride alone, expresses his raw and true emotions. He doesn’t shut down, he doesn’t get shy. (And he almost ALWAYS cries tears of joy)

2. You paid for those hella expensive crab cakes, you want to eat them right?!
One of the big benefits to a first look is being able to shoot your bride and groom portraits, and bridal party portraits before the ceremony even starts. And that way during your cocktail hour all you need is 15-20 minutes for family portraits. After that you and your groom are free to go enjoy the cocktail hour that you paid for!

3. A little alone time here!
Okay so think about your timeline for a second. Is there any time during the day that you to spend with JUST your groom? Even for a few minutes? I guarantee that if you are not doing a first look, your answer is no.
Because first looks are done 2 hours prior to the ceremony, it gives you time to knock out all of the portraits and then have some one on one time together before the ceremony. This makes things so much less stressful on the rest of the day!

Thanks so much for reading. We hope you got some clarity on what First Looks are and why they are super important for a happy, stressful wedding day! Let us know in the comments if you’d like us to do a blog post on how to put these into your wedding day timeline!

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